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The english Donkey page

Donkey's english speaking

               2-talks-50-copier.jpg            Each, third sunday in july, stands the "donkeys and handicraftsman show"         danses-7-copier.jpg             

Yes, our donkeys are trained, for english speaking..!!!! 

We are please to meet and to welcome you, in our cosy, little village LABASSERE, up to Bagneres de Bigorre, in the south Pyrénees

this site is to share all the marvellous luxuriourness of the wild mountains, and their conservative way of living, breeding , cooking, trails, songs, dances..

Since july 2012, each third's sunday of july stands the donkey's meeting,

a free entrance,  oudtdor show,   for all kinds of people,   kids to elederly's one

with tasty local meals at midday...

You can also see and learn how to breed , an educate our donkey's friends,

from the early beginning, to the ridding and even attachements, you see and share some tricks of the local's craftsman, and you may participate to the renewed donkey race..!

Hopping you get pleasure to read and explore our site

we are located near TARBES and just before the famous TOURMALET 's pass

just click on this link  mappy-location13.pdf mappy-location13.pdf              to see the map location

Next date : 18th and 19th of july 2015     

the day special would be:  donkey's and western

New in 2014 !!!!        Nico' donkey's little stories for child

our famous pyrénean donkey , began his memories!.. on a special page

 "petits contes d'anes , NICO"     

littles donkey's tales: from his birth mountain, next to the "pic du midi", to our home, with his new girl friend CARLA!!!

lot of suspens !!!


                                                            Nico, it's me in front left,  the wonderfull black brow donkey..!!

                            they say i am a playful donkey,,??,  i would say, a bit tricky isnt it.?

                            always with updates, see Nico's on  TV  Last 2014december .......

             you want to travel to Corsica and discover wild trails , have a look on our last pages: "Corse et randonnées à ânes"

WELCOME and don't hesitate to write down, what you think, or, would be good to exchange,

and come, to share this friendly show.

See you soon!

                                                                                                 just for a tchat   11fev-copines-1-rcc2p-2.jpg

more on:   france-voyage.com/communes/labassere-25903.htm

share good adresses to find : nice kids toys  in craft wood ,  "Lafont créations"  infos-12-jde-bois-1.pdf infos-12-jde-bois-1.pdf             

 or for local goods: especialy "valerie Vitrac,  duck breast, duck liver ....    : "misterwhat.fr/company/1923028-vitrac-valerie-labassere"                                                              valerie.vitrac@orange.fr      affiche-canard-veau-labassere-13-1.pdfaffiche-canard-veau-labassere-13-1.pdf




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